New Covid infection in sumo

Sadly, 2020 will end up in worrying fashion, as the Sumo association just announced another case of Covid within its world.

The infected rikishi is in fact a sekitori. It’s Wakatakakage.

Early this morning, Wakatakakage showed up, feeling badly. The case has been confirmed, and the institution’s next step will be to trace contact cases.

Above all, we’re wishing him a smooth recovery. Let’s hope that his case is isolated within the Arashio stable.

4 thoughts on “New Covid infection in sumo

  1. terrible news. i hope he gets better quickly and makes a full recovery, and fingers crossed no-one else is affected

  2. i pray that Wakatakakage makes a lightning fast recovery and that his family, brothers and all at Arashio Heya are all healthy and safe!

  3. More COVID cases is not what anyone wants to hear. Ditto to Mauricio’s comment. I hope Wakatakakage recovers quickly and that no one else in his heya (or any other heya) catches it. If the basho is canceled for health & safety, so be it.

    Been looking at the Tatsunami Heya’s Facebook that updated on their cases. Looks like Akua and others came home about a week ago. Hopefully the remaining patients recover soon, too.

    Take care everyone! Happy New Year’s Eve – I will slurp some soba and raise a little sake for everyone around the world tonight.


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