Bruce’s Comments, Tokyo July Basho

Hello all, you may notice that during this unusual July basho, my posting throughput is going to be reduced, and some of the other fine sumo fans on Team Tachiai will be stepping forward to post daily highlights. I have gotten myself invoiced with an intense start up project, and there is simply no time this July to share my love of sumo with the readers of Tachiai. Where possible, I will try to write my sometimes humorous previews, but do be nice to the rest of the crew as they fill in.

Thanks, I am so excited for sumo to be back!

4 thoughts on “Bruce’s Comments, Tokyo July Basho

    • It my mind it’s like some twisted 1980’s mud wrestling match out of the movie “Stripes”. Twitter is going to shadow ban us day 1 for sure!

  1. Hope your new work project is interesting (and hey, employment these days is a good thing to have) – we’ll miss you but appreciate the others who step in. Your heroic work on the mock-basho earns you a rest.

    Yay, sumo ahead!

  2. Bruce,

    I will miss your Great Sense of Humor – but look forward to when you can comment!

    I am still very impressed by the Amazing job on the mock basho!

    Don’t forget to take care of yourself and don’t worry – the others will do a great job I’m sure!

    Let’s Get Ready to SUMOOOOO!


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