Asahiyama-oyakata hosts TV Special on Saturday

For those in Japan, mark your calendars for Saturday at 1:30pm on BSFuji TV. Asahiyama-oyakata will join Karahashi Yumi to discuss sumo. Though there will be no Natsu Basho, there is clearly A LOT to discuss, including the results of Haru, Asanoyama’s Ozeki promotion and the pandemic’s impact.

3 thoughts on “Asahiyama-oyakata hosts TV Special on Saturday

    • Probaby not Zee. NHK tends to have their schedule set a month in advance and also probably wouldn’t share a show with Fuji tv. It would be like NBC showing a special they made on PBS. But this Friday, it looks like the Grand Sumo show will be on NHK World at either 4:30am, 12:30pm or 6:30pm EST. They will
      “review the Grand Sumo spring tournament held without spectators. It also looks at the current situation of sumo after the cancellation of the May tournament.”


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