Tachiai / Grand Sumo Breakdown Mock Natsu Basho

Hello sumo fans. If you are like me, you are sadly disappointed by the news of the world, and the loss of the May tournament. The sumo world has already suffered one tragic loss, and we hope that everyone else in Japan (and all of our global readers) can stay safe and healthy. But Team Tachiai, and our friends at Grand Sumo Breakdown sure do miss sumo, and we think maybe many of you do as well.

Rather than wait for the next basho (maybe July?), we have decided to conduct a mock Natsu basho. Some people will be annoyed or outraged by this move, but please keep in mind – its all in good fun. Rest assured, both Tachiai and Grand Sumo Breakdown have taken great care to simulate the basho with as much accuracy as we can muster. The torikumi (fight roster) will be constructed as close as we can to the same approach the Sumo Kyokai would use. The individual matches are mapped out comparing statistical strengths and weaknesses between the contestants, and the system tracks such things as attitude, winning momentum, fighting spirit, minor injuries and major injuries. The whole thing will be completely fictitious, but we will all be working very hard to bring you an authentic basho experience. This mock basho is crafted by fans who love the sport, respect the athletes and the traditions of sumo.

We will start our coverage with the release of the day 1 and 2 torikumi this Friday, the same as it would have happened if the basho were going ahead. You can expect the same daily previews and highlights that we would normally present. Sadly there will be no NHK or YouTube videos to go along with our coverage. But from what I understand, Grand Sumo Breakdown will be hosting some podcast segments covering the mock basho.

So shake off those “safer at home” lockdown blues. Join Tachiai and Grand Sumo Breakdown for a trip into what could have been. Our coverage will begin in the next few days.

4 thoughts on “Tachiai / Grand Sumo Breakdown Mock Natsu Basho

    • That would make me very happy, but we actually don’t know who is going to win at this point. The models are in place, and it will soon be time to set them in motion and see where they go. In a test run, there were a couple of interesting surprises. But let’s see how the real run goes!

  1. Wow, I misunderstood the title at first. I already had some good phrases like “it sucks!” and “what, are they going to do a virtual mono-ii?”, but now I realize what you mean by “mock”.


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