Tachiai Audio Podcast – Haru 2020, the Silent Basho

The audio version of our next segment previewing the March sumo tournament in Osaka. In a rare step, the Japan Sumo Association has decided to conduct the Haru Basho with no audience in attendance for any day of the tournament. Andy, Josh and Bruce discuss the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the March tournament in Osaka. The sumo associations has gone to great lengths to find some way to allow the tournament to go forward, while keeping the fans and rikishi safe. Video version to be posted to YouTube in a few hours.

3 thoughts on “Tachiai Audio Podcast – Haru 2020, the Silent Basho

  1. Thanks for the shout-out to us, guys. Yes, this is a logistical nightmare and obviously we didn’t want this to turn out this way. We’re still trying to make sure all of our customers are contacted and know the situation, but there are large numbers who haven’t responded to our emails and we don’t know for sure if they’re even aware of this. The Sumo Association hasn’t published any refund information at all yet, but all of our customers who have returned their tickets to us has already received a refund of their ticket cost from our own pocket, and we’ll take care of getting our refund later, whenever that is. It’s something we can do for them to make this easier.

    • And this is why I always count on buysumotickets.com when I am headed to Japan to watch sumo. Outstanding customer service every time.

    • Impressive service! I’ve bought tickets from buysumotickets.com twice, and I plan on doing it a third time this year for Nagoya, if things have settled down a bit by then :)


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