Haru Basho Banzuke Video Podcast

The video version of our 16 minute discussion around the banzuke for Osaka. It’s going to be an odd basho, with no audience, and many of the rituals stripped down or completely absent.

But the sumo is still on, and Tachiai will be here as always, bringing you comments on the action from Japan.

This is the first in a series of videos we will publish leading up to Sunday’s first day of the tournament. Onward to Osaka!

3 thoughts on “Haru Basho Banzuke Video Podcast

  1. My dark horse this basho is Endo. Given his aversion to interviews and general long face at all the fan craze around him, a basho without spectators is his chance to relax and shine.

      • Yeah, but I’m not sure what the nature of the surgery was. I get the impression it was the kind we would never have heard of, if it didn’t coincide with a public event.


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