Discussion – Haru 2020, the Silent Basho

The video edition of our discussion on the Japan Sumo Association’s decision to conduct Osaka’s Haru Basho with no spectators, along with a list of other restrictions and modifications to reduce risk of spreading the Corona virus.

With just a handful of days remaining before Sunday’s opening day, its time to get ready for sumo, fans!

3 thoughts on “Discussion – Haru 2020, the Silent Basho

  1. Shame ‘king of keiko’ Goeido retired prior to this basho – might have been ideal conditions with no crowd to pit him off!

  2. Always fun to listen to you guys!

    I don’t know where else to put this info since i don’t have a twitter account, maybe someone at Tachiai could amplify the message? When looking for the schedule for the NHK preview, I saw that NHK is going to show a documentary called “Sumo Girl” about a girl who helps save her school’s moribund sumo club and ends up taking it up herself.The first airing is just after the last airing of the Grand Sumo preview (with 10 min of news inbetween).https://www3.nhk.or.jp/nhkworld/en/special/episode/202003070810/


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