Hakuho Cup and Takekaze Intai This Weekend

While the tournament is over, there are still sumo-related events happening over at Kokugikan! If you’re lucky enough to be in Tokyo, on Feb 1, Takekaze…excuse me, Oshiogawa-oyakata, will be having his danpatsushiki (ceremonial haircut). On the 2nd, Hakuho will host the 10th Annual Hakuho Cup. This is a kid’s sumo tournament, from elementary to middle school levels. The video above is from the Official Hakuho Cup website.

4 thoughts on “Hakuho Cup and Takekaze Intai This Weekend

  1. It was great fun last year, with a tiny little future Enho who just stole the show. I think Aminishki’s kids won, if I remember correctly. He’s probably teaching them to be wiley! I definitely plan to watch it.

  2. Takekaze sat out the May 2003 but kept his Juryo 8 East rank in the following banzuke. Former Sekiwake Terao also sat out the November 2001 and July 2002 without falling down the banzuke. I wonder if there were different rules back then.


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