New Juryo for Haru

The latest “Ones to Watch” graduate, Midorifuji

The banzuke committee meets on Wednesday after each tournament to hash out the rankings for the following basho. However, most of the results are not announced until several weeks later (February 24, in the case of the upcoming March tournament). There are two exceptions, both involving major changes in status that require extra time to prepare for. One is promotion to the two highest ranks: Yokozuna and Ozeki. The other is promotion to the salaried ranks, or sekitori, which in practice means a move from the third division, Makushita, to the second division, Juryo.

We have no new Yokozuna or Ozeki this time, however much we need some, but we do have several rikishi moving up to Juryo. As expected, these are Ms1w Wakamotoharu (6-1), Ms2 Midorifuji (5-2), Ms3w Chiyonoumi (5-2), Ms4e Akiseyama (4-3), and Ms4w Hakuyozan (6-1). This represents a return to sekitori status for all but Midorifuji, who will be making his Juryo debut. Among those missing out on promotion is Ms5e Naya, who lost a de facto playoff for the last slot to Akiseyama.

The corresponding demotions from Juryo to Makushita are not announced, but are mostly easy to guess. I expect that the following rikishi will be dropping down to the third division: Sokokurai, Sakigake, Toyonoshima, and Irodori. Goeido’s retirement and a lack of additional promotion candidates in Makushita means that the two bubble rikishi, J12w Chiyootori (6-9) and injured J1e Tomokaze (0-0-15), should be ranked in Juryo on the Haru banzuke.

14 thoughts on “New Juryo for Haru

  1. Awesome, glad to see Hakuyozan back. And Akiseyama, who’s still managing to be a strong roadblock for youngsters approaching sekitori-hood.

  2. am so excited for my favourite pixie’s debut (Midorifuji) and the return of Wakamotoharu, Akiseyama and Chiyonoumi – congrats to all others for their hard work to either debut or return to Juryo! Naya-san your turn is next!!!!!

    • Naya will drop a few ranks below the promotion zone, so unless he can go 7-0 in Osaka, it’s at least two more tournaments before he can make sekitori.

      • it’s like the Hare and the Tortoise when it comes to Hoshoryu and Naya…. Naya will do it and may possible have longevity because of it…. Hoshoryu may rise too quickly for his own good…. but i’ve been wrong countless times before ;-) wish for them both a long career at the top

        • At the same time, Hoshoryu’s rocky time in juryo is an excellent way to learn “high level sumo”, don’t you think?

  3. I just hope that Wakamotoharu was not damaged severely in his championship bout with Kaito. Kotenage was what threw Chiyonokuni all the way down to Makushita, and Takayasu out of his Ozeki status.

  4. I find Akiseyama’s career interesting in its consistency. He’s been reliably hanging around lower juryo and the top of makushita for over a decade now. His sole makuuchi basho- as opposed to 33 in juryo- came after 8-7 at J7 and 8-7 at J5, and he promptly went 4-11 at M16, then 1-14 at J5 to crash back into makushita.

    Still, he’s done enough as a sekitori to qualify for kabu, which surely must be considered a successful sumo career.


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