Ura Will Compete in Kyushu

Herouth tweeted this on my way home from work and I needed to share! The last time we saw Ura on the dohyo was at Hatsu, being wheeled away with yet another devastating knee injury. That injury occurred during a big matchup with Hoshoryu in Makushita.

In 2015 and 2016, the pint-sized acrobatic phenom took the sumo world by storm, cleaning up the lower divisions with his Matrix-inspired victories. He reached a peak rank of Maegashira 4 in 2017 where he claimed a kinboshi from Harumafuji. Sadly, in a loss to Takakeisho he suffered a terrible knee injury and fell back to Sandanme as he recovered. His comeback was put on hold in the fore-mentioned Hoshoryu bout. We eagerly anticipate the return of the Swole pixie.

12 thoughts on “Ura Will Compete in Kyushu

  1. If I’m not mistaken, after two years of ups and mostly downs, he’s still banking that kinboshi money every basho.

  2. Glad Ura is healthy! It will make this Basho all the better! Wishing him continued health and prosperity! Thank you for your articles! It makes my day (!!!) when you post! 😊

  3. I guess «swole» is the mot du jour these days? 😅 Never heard it before, but I’ve encountered it twice in the last couple of days on Tachiai. You learn something new every day! 👍🏻

  4. Great news! – Sumo is seriously rough and we all hope URA avoids injury going fwd as he has skills that really enliven this sport.

  5. Just saw this and am screaming! It would indeed be a wonderful dream to see him back in Makuuchi. Can you imagine him tangling with Enho?

    • long may our King of the PIxies and his acrobatics reign! i have everything crossed for our Ura – he’s one of a kind. at the same time i want to gift him a bionic knee!!!!


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