Ichinojo Tops Kyujo Waitlist

Before Hattorizakura kicks off shonichi this Sunday, our eyes will be glued to the papers and social media for early indication of who’s on the Kyokai Not-Genki list, and thus kyujo for Kyushu. Though not officially on the list yet, we fully anticipate Ichinojo will be on it by the weekend, as Herouth notes below.

Given the state of Takakeisho, and more troublingly, Takayasu, one would expect the kyujo ranks to swell…though it may not be until after salt meets clay. We’re also keeping our eyes peeled for whether Ura will be listed or not. If he competes, he will be restarting his career at Jonidan 106 West. Having seen recent pics of Swole Ura, if I were Daishojo, I think I’d sleep in that day.

9 thoughts on “Ichinojo Tops Kyujo Waitlist

  1. His weight has plummeted, reportedly. Thankfully, that means less strain on his back. That 220+kg frame put him in the best form he had in years, though, so I am a bit worried he’s peaked.

    • If he keeps it off, this could be good in the long run. To me, his weight gain has been his undoing, I remember his makuuchi debut, and firmly believe had it not been for the weight gain, he could have been a yokuzuna by now. Anybody who hasn’t seen that, look at Kintanayama’s video and the way he moved. I do think he has confidence issues, but I wonder how much of that is related to pain? Anyway, here’s hoping our Mongolith can regain some of that.

      • That was my thought as well, that weight loss could only benefit him. Greater mobility, less chances for back strain, and he’s still plenty heavy (not to mention his height advantage). I am hoping very hard to see him back as a force to be reckoned with after this injury.

  2. To look on the bright side there is now a faint possibility that we could get to see Ichinojo vs Terunofuji in January.

    • If that happens, the NSK will hope it doesn’t happen on the same way the Emperor comes to view sumo (I wonder if the new Emperor will). Because a Terunofuji-Ichinojo bout takes, what, half an hour? You can’t have the Emperor waiting that long.

    • Maya. You’re absolutely right! Though the Japanese have studied the body for eons. I’m hoping all Rikishi will be healthy and have a great Basho! But you DO know what you’re talking about girl! 😊


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