2019 Aki Basho Scorecards

2019 Aki Basho

As a teacher, September is always a busy time so boy was I surprised to realize that the Aki Basho starts in just a few days! Never fear, I got my act together and the 2019 Aki Basho Scorecards are ready to go! As many will notice, these scorecards still list Rikishi like Takayasu who have already announced that they will not compete. They are included here as it is my hope that these cards will also act as a form of banzuke for those who enjoy record keeping for every Basho.

2019 Aki Basho Scorecard Pt.1
2019 Aki Basho Scorecard Pt.2
2019 Aki Basho Scorecard-Juryo

Hope you enjoy tracking all the action this September, Aki is looking like another fantastic tournament!

3 thoughts on “2019 Aki Basho Scorecards

  1. Thank you so much, as usual. I sit around with my binder, my glossary, lists of rikishi and their heya, and my markers like a big ole dork and everyone makes fun of me and I am just so happy. It really makes it even more fun.


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