NHK World Japan’s Grand Sumo Preview – Friday!

The Friday before any honbasho features a fantastic 25 minute show on NHK World Japan, previewing the upcoming tournament with Hiro Morita, John Gunning and Murray Johnson. These typically feature a recap of the prior basho, interview with key rikishi and some random torture applied to Raja Pradhan.

First airing is in a few hours, so check with NHK World to see when you can catch this must-see program for all sumo fans!

10 thoughts on “NHK World Japan’s Grand Sumo Preview – Friday!

  1. Yesterday NHK (the one shown in the US) had a nice story about Enho. It included him dispatching Hiro, another good sport. He looked big next to poor Hiro!

  2. There were some clips in there of Takakeisho training with Harumafuji. Was that old footage? Does anyone know what Harumafuji is doing these days?

    • He has school in Mongolia (Not just sumo), trying to provide Japanese style education. He is also painting.I miss him.

  3. Great preview of Day 1 matches. I really loved your comment on Aoiyama’s ” Ichinojo lite” move. Appreciate your work!


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