Former Rikishi Orora Hits the Gym, too

Orora, Anatoliy Mikhakhanov, famously was the largest rikishi ever, at just under 300kg just before his retirement. The “get your hands down” rule did not apply to him. Since retirement he’s been working to get in shape. If I were to replicate this particular exercise, I would lose my big toe.

8 thoughts on “Former Rikishi Orora Hits the Gym, too

  1. I’m curious about Orora’s new lifestyle.

    When he was still active – in his latter days – I was worried that once he retired, he’ll go downhill fast. I figured he was at least getting regular exercise and access to medicine at his heya, and once he needed to go back to Russia, without any saved money or useful profession, and with the Japanese health care system gone – it would soon be over for him.

    Instead, there seems to be somebody sponsoring him in some way. A sumo-loving oligarch? A gym or diet program owner? I have no idea, he makes no mention of anything like that. But he started exercising a lot more than he did in his heya. And I mean – a whole lot more. He trains every day, he does Zumba. And he is dieting, of course. He lost 60kg according to his latest update, and now he is a little over 230kg with Twitter fans urging him on with “you’ll soon reach Ichinojo!”.

    Too bad he didn’t put as much effort in it when he was in the heya. Looks like the late Kitanoumi just treated him as a heya pet. If he had exercised like this in his active days, he may have had more memorable sumo to look back on other than that time he beat a very young Hakuho – and a better health.

    • I agree. It’s good to see him getting in shape and likely getting paid for it. I was wondering if he would use Russian or Japanese in social media, which audience he’d have…he seems to use both.

  2. There are a whole lot of things that could go wrong with that exercise… I’m guessing that at some point I’d ‘catch’ that weight with my face.

    • It’ll be the next Instagram craze…except doing it while wearing roller blades or ice skates.

  3. I don’t know about you all…but that is impressive to witness! As tall and as big as this young guy is…and he’s tossing, flipping…and then CATCHING the weight with well-coordinated, ambidextrous skill! Bloody WOW. I wish him all the BEST.

    I saw Orora last match last year…and…it was sad. Really. But now, to see him forged ahead in an attempt to lose the kilos and improved upon his lifespan…it makes my heart soar. Good on him!

  4. i love what Orora is doing these days – he just seems so happy and joyous – and full of life – just wonderful. i regularly follow what he’s up to on Twitter…

  5. He’s flipping a 45lb weight like its a pancake. It’s crazy how easy it looks for him. Glad to see him getting in shape.


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