Heyabiraki at Naruto Beya

Today, June 8th 2019, the new Naruto Beya was officially dedicated in an event similar to a house-warming, called a “heyabiraki”.

Although Naruto beya’s new building has already been put to use for the past two basho, this marked its opening in an official way. The event included a dohyo matsuri in the presence of NSK board members Oguruma and Shibatayama, as well as Sadogatake oyakata, master of Kotooshu’s original heya. Following the dohyo matsuri, the sekitori of the Nishonoseki ichimon, to which Naruto beya belongs, led by Ozeki Takayasu, practiced on the newly dedicated dohyo.

Nishonoseki ichimon includes many san-yaku and well-known sekitori

The new heya is located five minutes away from the Tokyo Skytree station on the Tobu Skytree line, at the Mukojima quarter of Sumida. It includes four floors spread over 178㎡ of land. It took two years, and more than ¥300M ($2.8M) from the time Naruto oyakata bought the land for it to be completed. The floor plan is as follows:

  1. Keikoba (practice space) and two baths
  2. Common room, chankoba (kitchen/dining area)
  3. Dormitory, three private rooms for future sekitori
  4. Oyakata and okami-san’s residence
Folding the Natsu banzuke at the dormitory area

Two points were most important to Naruto oyakata in the planning of his new heya. One was its proximity to the Kokugikan (“It’s the center of things. It also has a medical facility”), and the visibility of the practice sessions. The side of the keiko-ba that faces the street has large windows that allow passers-by to see the practicing rikishi. Naruto oyakata is fully aware that this close to the popular Tokyo Skytree, his heya may draw a lot of foreign tourists. Being foreign-born himself, he doesn’t see that as an issue – he wants to expose sumo to the world.

Naruto beya’s daily keiko. The street facing windows (on the right) are actually half covered by wooden blinds.

This is not the only form of visibility in the new keiko-ba. In addition to it having full air conditioning and a water dispenser on hand, two video cameras are installed in it.

Camera and monitor – next to the street-facing window

The cameras allow the oyakata as well as the individual deshi to review their practice sessions and improve their technique.

All this extra visibility may also keep some problem behavior away – at least away from the sacred practice grounds.

When Kotooshu retired and became Naruto oyakata, he stayed at first, as is customary, at his original Sadogatake beya, learning the ropes and doing his blue jacket duties. However, it’s generally expected of an ex-Ozeki to form his own heya if he does not inherit one. And in April 2017 he left the heya with his two uchi-deshi – Oshozan and Honma. Until this new heya was to be completed, he set up camp at a temporary place near Kinshichi station.

He soon added what he hoped would be his foreign talent, Torakio, from his own homeland of Bulgaria, and Sumidagawa, a Sumida local with experience in Judo. These two additions turned out to be less than fortunate, though, as Sumidagawa bullied a minor deshi using Judo choking techniques, unsettling the young heya with scandal.

Torakio was apparently not connected to that scandal, but his progress turned out to be slower than he and the oyakata had hoped, and then, all of a sudden – after the heya has already moved to the new residence – it was announced privately to the koen-kai that he has retired mid-April and returned to Bulgaria in a rush.

Torakio’s privately-held danpatsu-shiki

The heya now has 12 rikishi, 6 of whom are freshmen who made their first steps in Natsu 2019. These, however, include the heya’s first recruits with actual sumo experience: Motobayashi was considered a rival of Takakeisho’s when he was in high-school, but unlike the current Ozeki, chose to continue his education at Kinki university, where he won the West Japan Student Championship yusho. He is probably the heya’s leading sekitori hope. Sakurai is a graduate of Nippon Sports University, and Maruyama graduated from Kaiyo high school.

In addition to the rikishi, the heya has two additional young members – a yobidashi and a gyoji. It also has two hired managers, which is one of the lessons learned from the Sumidagawa incident – more adults were needed on hand, and the oyakata – who did not live in the temporary heya – has to be on-site a greater portion of his time. Hopefully, now that his residence is in the fourth floor, the heya’s character will reflect his good intentions.

Answering questions from the press during the Heyabiraki, Naruto said: “This is the real start. The feeling is different than in the temporary heya. I want all of us, my deshi and I, to lower our eyes and work together without complaints about this and that”. He adds “I want to bring up humans, not just sumo wrestlers”.

“My dream is to bring up a deshi who will surpass me” – this means a yokozuna – “and to have those three private rooms we prepared filled up. But to get there, my first goal has to be getting my deshi into Makushita”.

8 thoughts on “Heyabiraki at Naruto Beya

  1. Nicely done, Herouth. And yes, I for one agree, Andy. The Naruto beya is one of a few heya that I followed on social media, and it was really, unfortunate with the past drama. I wish Naruto oyakata (the Ozeki formerly known as Kotooshu) and his young deshi GOOD FORTUNES!

  2. I’m still not convinced that Andy Kaufman can run a sumo stable. One day he’s Tony Clifton, the next day he’s forcing all the wrestlers to read “The Great Gatsby”, the next day is “Mighty Mouse” day…. can’t be healthy.

  3. this is a wonderful good news story all round. i wish Narutobeya much success (scandal free) going forward. i also like the support received by reikishi outside the heya on their ‘grand opening’- i can see my boys Yago and Tomokaze there which made me smile

  4. Great story Herouth. Thank you for posting this.

    Is there a place online to find a list of the beya that belong to the nishonoseki ichimon? I was only able to recognize seven of the sekitori standing in the photo, and am thinking that such a list would help in solving the puzzle.

    I guess the other way to solve is just go through the entire list of sekitori, and try to match the 15 faces.

    Bonus points for 16 and 17, the two short mystery guys to the left against the wall.

    • I always use the Wikipedia list of sumo stables for this. The list can be sorted by ichimon, so you can see all the heya in a particular ichimon easily.

      The sekitori in the photo: On Naruto’s left, left to right: Takagenji, Onosho, Tomokaze, Kagayaki, Takanosho, Shohozan, Arawashi, Tamawashi.

      On Naruto’s right, left to right: Takayasu,Ichinojo, Kotoshogiku, Ryuden, Kotoeko, Yago, Kotoyuki.

      Anybody pressed against the wall and not showing in the picture is probably not a sekitori.

      Missing: Takakeisho, Yoshikaze, and the entire Shikoroyama beya.

      • Thank you! I’ve book-marked that wikipedia list now.

        Can’t believe I missed Onosho. Not the normal stoic/friendly expression on his face. Did a search and found another photo with that sort of concerned grimace during practice. The joys of working out I suppose.

        Kagayaki in this photo looks darker than I expected. Maybe the lighting. I’ll have to pay more attention next basho.

        It’s great to have stories like this to fill the gap to Nagoya.


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