2019 Hatsu Basho Scorecards


Hello sumo fans! In just a few days the Kokugikan will be bustling with long-awaited sumo action, and everyone on Team Tachiai is gearing up for another two weeks of exciting coverage. As always, here are the scorecards for the 2019 Hatsu Basho. You will notice that like the banzuke, I have included Takanoiwa on the scorecard, but his section has been changed to reflect his non-participation. I have also included one for the Juryo Division and a shorter stable card for those who want to keep track of your favourite rikishi this January. Here’s hoping Hatsu continues the trend of exhilarating, unpredictable tournaments!

2019 Hatsu Basho Scorecard Part 1
2019 Hatsu Basho Scorecard Part 2
2019 Hatsu Basho Scorecard Juryo
2019 Hatsu Basho Stable Card

5 thoughts on “2019 Hatsu Basho Scorecards

  1. I’m going to put a copy of these in my binder with the corresponding Banzuke for each tournament. Thanks for posting these. Is there a archive for them?


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