7 thoughts on “Terunofuji Kyujo; Plans to Compete in Spring

  1. Can we assume that, if any makuuchi rikishi were already planning to go Kyujo, this would have been announced before the day 1 Torikumi was posted?

  2. Damn it, I had a feeling this would happen. First there was that report from his early keiko, where he was complaining of pain during his basic exercises. Then there was his absence from the Isegahama social functions (e.g. mochi-tsuki). I wonder if is not deluding himself about the possibility to be “ban-zen” (“in perfect condition”).

  3. At the moment (17.25 UST) there are NO wrestlers listed a kyujo on the official site. Either a miraculous pulse of healing energy has zapped the sport or they just haven’t got around to posting the info. Just thinking that if Kisenosato’s injury had happened before his promotion to yokozuna he would be in a similar slot to Terunofuji.


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