Kyushu State of Play, Day 11

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The Yusho Race

Takakeisho (10-1) leads by one over Ozeki Takayasu and maegashira Daieisho and Aoiyama. Two off the pace with 8 wins are Ozeki Goeido and maegashira Okinoumi and Onosho. Tomorrow, the leader faces the always dangerous Tamawashi (7-4), with the head-to-head record favoring Takakeisho 4-2. We get our first Ozeki clash when Takayasu takes on Tochinoshin (6-5); their H2H is dead-even at 8-8 (not counting fusen). The schedulers matched up Daieisho and Onosho, while Aoiyama fights Kotoshogiku (6-5), Okinoumi gets Meisei (7-4), and Goeido is the first Ozeki opponent for struggling Sekiwake Mitakeumi (5-6).

The Ozeki Corps

Takayasu and Goeido are kachi-koshi. Tochinoshin earned a much-needed 6th victory today and now needs to split his remaining four bouts to avoid being kadoban at Haru.

The Sanyaku Ranks

East Sekiwake Mitakeumi dropped to 5-6 and is in serious danger of losing his rank with two more losses; he could even drop out of sanyaku altogether with three. West Sekiwake Ichinojo (3-8) is already make-koshi and will drop down the banzuke; unless he can win out, he’ll fall back into the maegashira ranks. East Komusubi Takakeisho (10-1) is now certain to reach a new career-high rank of Sekiwake, while West Komusubi Kaisei (3-6-2) will rejoin the rank-and-file.

Kaisei’s demotion guarantees one open sanyaku slot, with two likely and three a distinct possibility. Tamawashi (7-4) is in the best position to reclaim higher rank after benefiting from the most lenient demotion on record for a 4-11 Komusubi last time around. Tochiozan (6-5) would currently claim the second slot to open; the motley crew within striking distance includes Myogiryu, Hokutofuji, Daieisho, Yoshikaze, Nishikigi (!), Shohozan, Shodai, and even M12 Aoiyama.

Demotion Danger

Arawashi is assured of demotion, and Chiyomaru almost certainly so. Takanosho still needs 3 victories to have a good chance of staying in the top division, as does Daishomaru, who is in serious danger of falling to Juryo for the first time since his promotion to Makuuchi in March of 2016. Chiyonokuni helped himself a lot with his third victory today, and needs two more for safety, as does Chiyoshoma. Still needing a win are Daiamami, Sadanoumi and Yutakayama; Meisei is probably safe but could breathe easier if he can win another bout. Everyone else is guaranteed another spin in the top division.

Down in Juryo, Yago, Kotoyuki and Terutsuyoshi can probably seal promotion with another victory apiece, while Kotoeko needs two more. Also in with a chance are Daishoho, who probably needs to win three more bouts, as well as Aminishiki and Ishiura, who would have to win out.


3 thoughts on “Kyushu State of Play, Day 11

  1. Daiesho is perfect build 4 pushing/thrusting. I forgot aoiyama can b a beast. Takakeisho’s the next big thing. I’m kewl w takayasu or takakeisho yusho and playoff wud b sweet

    • Daieisho-Onosho makes sense, and Onosho leads the matchup 4-2. Kotoshogiku is 3 ranks higher and used to dominate Aoiyama, but that was back in his Ozeki days. We’ll find out what they’ve come up with for Day 13 in a couple of hours.


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