Wakaichiro Update & Day 12 Preview

Texas sumotori Wakaichiro has had a rough November. Entering Kyushu back in the Jonidan division, he had a clear goal – kachi-koshi and return to Sandanme. His first match was a resounding win, but the 4 that followed were all losses, and the last 2 were tough, heartbreak battles where he was clearly in control of the match, but lost his balance. Some video retrospective:

Day 8 vs Jd5w Mitsumune


Day 9 vs Jd4e Tainaka

He now enters day 12 competition already make-koshi with a 1-4 record. His opponent today is Kokonoe-beya’s Chiyonosora, another relative newcomer to the world of sumo who is fighting near his highest ever rank of Jonidan 3. It’s no secret that Wakaichio has his fans among the crew at Tachiai, and we hope that he steels himself against disappointment and fights on.

We will bring you results as soon as they are known (as long as the cold medicine does not put me out) and video once it’s available.


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