Ozeki Goeido Withdraws From the Kyushu Basho


As several of Team Tachiai had thought, Goeido’s adoption of the henka signaled his physical condition as tenuous. Now word comes via the Japanese sumo press that Ozeki Goeido has withdrawn from the Kyushu tournament. At this moment, the injury has not been disclosed.

Goeido has fought a variety of injuries that have limited his performance as an Ozeki in the past, each time battling back to return to competition. We once again wish him a speedy return to full health.

[With this announcement, Mitakeumi will get the fusensho win to take his score to 6-6. –PinkMawashi]


14 thoughts on “Ozeki Goeido Withdraws From the Kyushu Basho

    • I see no need to feel terrible.
      The henka are still shameful for an ōzeki. Using them was a way of getting a bare minimum kachikoshi and nothing to be proud of.
      I’d rather see him go kadoban once again than see him resorting to henka.
      And he should be used to being karoban .

    • I’d still argue those were more of a hit-and-shift, or an “instant uwatedashinage” than true henkas. Chiyotairyu pancaked because he throws everything he has into the tachiai and absolutely relies on his opponent being there to take it.

    • Nope. I don’t. Ikioi, Yoshikaze, and other rikishi have dealt with injuries without using a henka. He shouldn’t either.

      • I have to agree. We’ve seen plenty of rikishi fight on while injured and not resort to the henka. And these are men who don’t have the kadoban cushion Goeido has as an Ozeki. Just look at Tochinoshin, he’s obviously not at 100% but he continues to soldiure on. Goeido could learn a thing or two from the sports newest Ozeki.

        • I’d say rather that the sport’s newest ozeki might look to its current most longstanding ozeki to see how to preserve one’s body. (But it’s not like Tochinoshin doesn’t know how to deploy a henka when he needs to — he beat Kisenosato with one at Aki 2016 — so maybe he agrees with you that it’s beneath the dignity of an ozeki.)

        • Thank you for saying that about Tochonoshin, I have been worried about him and will confess I had a dream about a few days ago, where he looked really sad. Nothing like being obsessed with sumo. ;)

    • This makes Takakeisho’s bid for a yusho that much stronger, in my opinion. Everyone else has an “easier” schedule”.

    • Who do you think will be brought up to take his place? I have a feeling we’ll be seeing Asanoyama, Kagayaki, or Takanoiwa fill these spots.

      • They could, if they go by rank, but given that none of those guys are doing well and it’s the last three days of the basho, they may pull up some of the lower-ranked guys in yusho contention instead, Daieisho and Aoiyama being prime candidates.


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