Aki 2018 Jungyo – Day 18 (Oct 21)

Nobori being hanged at Takamatsu

🌐 Location: Takamatsu, Kagawa
🚫 Scandal level: 1

The town of Takamatsu prepared for the sumo event, after two years of wait, hanging nobori and preparing the venue:

The Jungyo hanging roof is a simple, light canopy, unlike honbasho

But alas, two years ago, when the previous Jungyo took place here, the prefecture boasted two sekitori: Kotoyuki and Amakaze. Amakaze is no longer among the sekitori ranks, and Kotoyuki is unfortunately kyujo.

Although he didn’t participate in the torikumi due to an unspecified injury, Takayasu was present at the practice session:


Tochinoshin, still no brace but with elaborate taping, did some suri-ashi in the hana-michi:

At one of the corners of the hall, this child is trying to figure out the double-assed monster:


Or maybe he is waiting to see if the expected hernia develops right in front of his eyes.

At another corner, Wakatakakage and Gokushindo were doing a mini-Shokkiri version of their own:

I would have expected people to start gathering around, and maybe asking where the hat is to throw coins into. But this is Japan.

Practice bouts:

Gagamaru vs. Yago:

Gagamaru has zero stamina.

Takekaze vs. Akiseyama

Takarafuji vs. Aoiyama:

Yet another Isegahama sekitori is fading away.

Shodai vs. Chiyonokuni:

Mitakeumi vs. Ryuden:

Not in the same league, apparently.

Mitakeumi vs. Tochinoshin:

That’s a whole different level. Note that since the morning Tochinoshin’s taping has become a heavy supporter – though I think it’s still not his usual brace. Maybe it’s being dry-cleaned.

Time for Juryo dohyo-iri. A kid asks Gagamaru for an autograph. Gagamaru replies: “If I said I can’t it would be a lie”:

Maybe it’s just me, but I find it really amusing when a huge rikishi has such a girly voice. It’s the same with Terunofuji. Huge, menacing rikishi, and a high-pitched, small voice.

Kisenosato back from demonstrating his rope tying. Yokozuna wearing their ropes don’t stop for fan service, but Awajiumi is serving as his proxy:

Time for Makuuchi dohyo-iri, and Takakeisho once again shows that his face is capable of more than just a pouting frown:


But of course, he is no competition to his new heya-mate:


This is from earlier in the day, of course. If you wonder why rikishi are so often photographed with kids, well, there is a belief in Japan that if a rikishi carries your child she will grow up healthy and strong. This one took a long stare at Onigiri-kun, I mean, Takanosho. I guess trying to decide whether he was edible or not.

Waiting for the Yokozuna dohyo-iri, Nishikigi and Shodai exchange – let’s call it an elaborate handshake?

So why have I upped the scandal level to 1? Because once again Tamawashi is tweaking nipples:


He really seems fascinated by the things. Or is he trying to break into a safe? We have decided to call him Chichiwashi over at Twitter. That means “Boob Eagle”.

So as brain bleach against the booby monster, I give you a great photo of Abi’s shiko:


Now that’s more wholesome. As long as you’re standing on this side, of course.

Here is a summary of the day’s event from NHK, where you can see some glimpses of bouts, and the full Kisenosato-Kakuryu bout:

So here is your daily Tobizaru:


If he ever opens an online dating account for the purpose of marriage, that’s the photo I’d recommend as his profile pic.


4 thoughts on “Aki 2018 Jungyo – Day 18 (Oct 21)

  1. I guess I’m used to strong, skilled fighters having high pitched voices because I grew up when Mike Tyson was in his prime. It’s definitely a sharp contrast that challenges stereotypes!

  2. If Tamawashi, instead of tweaking nipples, rubbed chests, would he be called Washiwashi? (Love Live fans will get what I mean)

    Also Gaga’s voice-wise, nothing will shock me since hearing Mitakeumi, the cutest san’yaku these days, answering to his Nagoya day 14 interview with an extremely deep voice.

    • A deep voice doesn’t surprise me, no matter how cute the face (though personally Mitakeumi is not in my cute list). What surprises me is when they have such a big sound box, and then sound like a piccolo.


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