Aki 2018 Jungyo – Day 17 (Oct 20)

Kotoshogiku and Yoshikaze encouraging victims of torrential rain

🌐 Location: Soja, Okayama
🚫 Scandal level: -1

Here we are in the small town named Soja, where victims of the summer’s torrential rain live in temporary housing (some of which has been used previously to house Fukushima evacuees). Accordingly, well-loved veterans Kotoshogiku and Yoshikaze, together with the NSK’s mascot, Hiyonoyama, appear before the residents to encourage them, also presenting them with sumo memorabilia.

Back in the venue, Kakuryu does some rubber band work. Then follows that up with somewhat sleepy relaxation.

Practice bouts: Kyokushuho vs. Jokoryu:

Chiyonokuni vs. Shohozan:

Whack! Whack! I guess neither of them ever heard of Allen Iverson.

Today many of the quirky photos originate, somewhat surprisingly, with the NSK. For example, Daishoryu had a Juryo bout today. Here is Endo congratulating him for his appearance in an oicho-mage:


Yes, that’s from the NSK official Twitter account. And it’s not Endo’s last show of humor today, either.

Including Daishoryu above, there were no less than four Makushita wrestlers who did Juryo bouts today. As I already informed you yesterday, Terutsuyoshi has gone off the radar. But he is not the only one – Kotoeko was also erased from the torikumi. That leaves only 15 active Juryo members out of 28 – and one of them was needed to fill in a gap in Makuuchi, as Takayasu has also suffered some injury.

Jokoryu’s official photo:

Jokoryu demonstrating an anti-Tamawashi defensive move

OK, OK, it did come from the NSK account but not with that caption.

Juryo bouts start, and we have a monoii:

Ceci n’est pas un monoii

Well, what you see in the photo is not actually a monoii. Here is something I mentioned on Twitter in the past: a monoii is an appeal. When a shimpan (or one of the rikishi sitting around the dohyo) sees something he doesn’t like, he raises his hand. This is called a “monoii”. Then the shimpan all get on the dohyo for a discussion. That discussion is not the monoii. It’s called a “kyogi”. After they finish, the head shimpan takes the mike and starts with the words “tadaima no kyogi o setsumei itashimasu”: “I shall explain the discussion we just had.”

Anyway, as you can see, that discussion looks a bit different than honbasho. There are only two shimpan attending the bouts. In this case, Futagoyama oyakata (hello, Miyabiyama), and Furiwake oyakata (and hello to you too, Robocop!).

The result of the discussion of the Chiyonoumi-Nakazono bout, by the way, is a torinaoshi, and Chiyonoumi wins the rematch.

Here are the complete Juryo results:


In the Makuuchi dohyo-iri, Onosho explains to Abi that in Jungyo, fan service is more important than pretending to be stoic.

As they wait for the Makuuchi bouts, Nishikigi and Hokutofuji encircle Tochimutsuru in a double kabe-don (anybody who has ever watched a high-school-themed anime should know what a kabe-don is):


No idea what the poor Kasugano man did to deserve this. This photo, too, comes from the NSK.

In the Makuuchi bouts, Endo faced Abi today. Apparently, Endo has a sense of humor. Take a look at their shiko:

Abi makes a “Man, you’re totally stealing my thunder!” face there.

The rest of that bout for your pleasure:

It’s been a while since we had an Abi bout footage. He seems to persist in his practice of yotsu-zumo. I really hope we’ll see that in honbasho as well, even if it costs him a few banzuke points at first.

Ichinojo got up today full of energy, and nearly got Mitakeumi thrown flying to the edge of the venue:


And as usual, he then stood worried at the edge of the dohyo with a “did I do that?” face:


Here is Goeido vs. Tochinoshin:

Tochinoshin’s knee remains uncovered.

So here is a summary of the day’s events, including Kotoshogiku and Yoshikaze distributing chanko and mixing with the elderly survivors of the torrential rains:

Full results of Makuuchi bouts:


Tobizaru was not seen today – at least not in any sharp photographs. So instead, for a change, I’m not going to opt for Enho but for Wakatakakage:


5 thoughts on “Aki 2018 Jungyo – Day 17 (Oct 20)

  1. So today we learned that what we all call a monoii is not a monoii, it’s a kyogi. Wikipedia has been updated. Can someone point me to the kanji for kyogi?

    • It’s 協議 (きょうぎ). It’s not a sumo-specific term – just means a consultation or corference.


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