NHK Grand Sumo Preview Airs Friday


It’s become a fixture of the sumo calendar for the English speaking world. With the opening day of the Nagoya basho just a few days away, NHK World brings us another preview of the tournament, along with highlights and features about sumo and rikishi. Fans are eager to see what new torture Raja is subject to, and what kind of discussion breaks out between Murray and John.

Make sure to tune in and enjoy it as its broadcast, or visit the NHK World web site to watch it via video on demand (works great on Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV and other streaming platforms).

Schedule (All Times US Eastern)

Friday July 6th @ 12:30 AM
Friday July 6th @ 04:30 AM
Friday July 6th @ 12:30 PM
Friday July 6th @ 06:30 PM

9 thoughts on “NHK Grand Sumo Preview Airs Friday

  1. According to NHK website and my Comcast schedule, the Grand Sumo Preview is scheduled to broadcast on Thursday, July 5th at 8:30 PM Pacific Time? Just wonder why you listed as July 6th instead?

    • I was calculating 9:30 Pacific Time tonight (Thurs). Pacific (US) Time being 3 hours earlier than Eastern (US) time, if something is 12:30 am Friday Eastern, 3 hours earlier is 9:30 pm Thurs. Maybe Daylight Savings Time is messing with some of the conversions – I guess I could check at 8:30 too. Anyhow, yay – not long to wait!

  2. I’m glad to know I’m not the only one who watches the Preview just to see Raja get tossed around XD He’s one of my favorites of the English-language sumo crew at NHK.

  3. will be watching with glee! totally different timezone in Australia too ;-) but still can’t wait!

  4. Hope this helps wanderers. I get the Sumo Preview online (or any other broadcast NHK World TV shows) by clicking the little green Watch Live link under the wide green line at the top right of the NHK World schedule at:

    which takes you to:

    NHK repeats most broadcast shows about 3 (or 4) times in 24 hours. After that you can go to the NHK sumo page at:

    For non-sumo videos use the link at the top of the schedule. They seem to post videos slowly or maybe it’s a time zone thing. Probably you can get a language beside English if you fuss around. (I find most of the recorded videos need to have cookies set.). Good ‘Learn Japanese’ videos from NHK too.

    • watched it first run, and as i recorded it i’ll watch it again – loved this one!

  5. Wow. Day 14 and 15 live on NHK World Japan! Maybe, just maybe we will get all 15 days live in the not-too-distant future. :)

    • why can’t we get all 15 days on NHK world? The programmes on that channel are generally colossally boring so I don’t see why they can’t be pre-empted for the basho.


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