Nagoya Dohyo Build Complete

Nagoya Dohyo 2018
Image from NSK Twitter photo stream

With tournament action just a few days away, the Sumo Kyokai crew in Nagoya have completed construction of the venue’s dohyo.  The traditional sumo combat platform is built or re-built by hand before each tournament, and is a masterpiece of craftsmanship and attention to detail.

The dohyo will be consecrated in a ceremony early on Saturday, with the leading men of the Kyokai and local dignitaries in attendance.

3 thoughts on “Nagoya Dohyo Build Complete

  1. It pretty much HAS to be rebuilt every time, because by the end of the tourney it’s cracked to heck ;p Something about 300+lbs men getting thrown around on it, I suppose =-p

    • So the one at the Kokugikan has a surprising life at times, and gets lowered into a protective vault when not in use. It comes back to use for kids sumo and other events prior to the next honbasho in Tokyo.

      • My assumption is the one at the Kokugikan is still “reviewed and fixed” before each use. Even if it’s simply to rub wet rags across it to re-hydrate the clay a bit.


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