Sumo Delirium In Full Swing

One more week to sumo and I can’t wait! And I’m afraid my eagerness has infected the rest of the household. While the wife and I were groggily preparing coffee and breakfast, the kids were in the living room watching “Peg + Cat” on PBS. Apparently they like this show, and my nieces like this show…which I’ve not heard of. (I’m doing a great job keeping up with my kids.)

My wife mentions, “This episode is cute because Peg goes to Japan.” I glance over into the living room and sure enough, Peg is a ninja, there’s an expert ninja pig, and a dragon is stealing sacred trees to teach the kids subtraction. There’s also a Japanese ninja friend with a stuffed animal who knows how to use ninja smoke bombs to suddenly disappear. She’s going to sneak over to where the dragon has stolen the trees so she can get them back.

Then, clear as day, I hear Pam say, “Let’s all go help Abi get the trees back from the dragon.” What? Abi? As in our Abi? The one who just had his birthday Abi? Needless to say, I put my coffee on the counter and went into the living room to watch Peg join Abi in her adventure to get the trees back. “This will make a GREAT post,” I’m thinking. I’ll even link to the website and everyone else can watch this great cartoon Abi.

Her name was AKI.

Dammit, I’ve got a whole week to wait for more sumo? My poor kids, I even had them thinking her name was Abi. (Episode 121)

5 thoughts on “Sumo Delirium In Full Swing

    • thank you for that! when i first started following sumo (when i lived in sapporo in 1982) they were all coming up through the ranks – Jesse (Takamiyama) was the top Hawaiian born rikishi of the day – i recall running into Musashimaru on a train in Tokyo – even seeing a young sumo made me a bit star-struck – the next time i was able to ‘check-in’ they were all at Ozeki level and ‘almost’ unrecognisable… ‘almost’… Akebono is my age, so for him to be going through this feels like a physical blow. and to know Musashimaru has come through is wonderful. Akebono has lost none of his fight, he won’t give up, and i know none of us will give up on him!

  1. Cat from Peg + Cat looks eerily like Kotoshogiku. Any other rikishi who look like cartoon characters? Kisenosato as Jake the Dog from Adventure Time?

  2. hahahaha – well done! but i can just see Abi in a cartoon doing just that! uh oh, sumo delerium definitely catching across the waves!

  3. My daughter loves Peg plus Cat, and so do I. It’s a great show. There are some great self-referential jokes and a few things that only adults would get. For instance, in one episode, Cat (who is a blue-purple colour) is about to dance as the Prince in Swan Lake and says `Now for my purple-ish reign’.


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