Crime and Punishment – Board Meeting Summary

Yesterday, the NSK board convened. After a couple of meetings in which the newly elected board was set up and various toshiyori were assigned duties, it was finally time to deliberate the penalties of various trouble makers.

Takayoshitoshi and Takanohana

Takayoshitoshi and Takanohana

As you may recall, in the middle of the basho, shin-juryo Takayoshitoshi decided to beat up his tsukebito in front of many witnesses, and was pulled out of the basho as a result. His punishment for the deed is a suspension for one basho. He will not do the spring jungyo and will forfeit the Natsu basho. He is allowed to practice at his heya.

This of course implies a sharp drop in rank. Maybe even as far as sandanme.

The stablemaster of every trouble rikishi also has to bear punishment for his part in raising and guiding his deshi improperly. However, in Takanohana’s case, there was more – he has continued his games with the NSK and played hooky from the arena. He wasn’t around when the twin did the deed, and he should have.

There was a faction in the NSK – allegedly the Nishonoseki ichimon – which called for him to be suspended from all activities this time. This would have prevented him from actually guiding his deshi, and may have required fostering them temporarily to other heya in his ichimon. However, the Takanohana ichimon begged for a lighter sentence, and eventually the board decided on yet another demotion. He now has the lowest possible rank for a member of the NSK: toshiyori.

The Minezaki scandal

We haven’t mentioned this story in a post so I need to fill you in. A short time before the Takayoshitoshi story broke, it was announced that a rikishi from Minezaki beya has beaten up a junior on four separate occasions, some of them after the Harumafuji scandal. The junior rikishi retired as a result, but the story only came to the knowledge of the stablemaster from a letter sent by the former rikishi’s father. He promptly reported it to the NSK and they announced it publically after verifying it with the parties involved.

The names of the parties have not been revealed by the Japanese press, but only one rikishi retired from that heya recently: Kaigo. As for the assailant, a single rikishi from Minezaki beya pulled out of the tournament following the publication: Arawashi’s tsukebito, Hikarugenji. Connect the dots.

And his punishment was decided yesterday as well. He, too, will be suspended from one basho. Again, a drop in rank is implied. Hikarugenji was sandanme 25 in the Haru basho.

Minezaki oyakata was docked 10% of his salary for the next two months.

The Osunaarashi wrap-up

At the time of the announcement of the Osunaarashi scandal, his stablemaster served as a trustee. This means that he was not considered a member of the NSK and could not be punished (though through some regulation gymnastics, he could still keep his heya…)

However, in yesterday’s meeting he was docked 10% of his salary by his own request. At the same opportunity, he also declared that he will not be holding a danpatsu-shiki (ceremonial cutting of top-knot) for Osunaarashi. Indeed, the former rikishi is already shorn.


The punishments seem extremely light. Yet another demotion for Takanohana, after he clearly didn’t repent following the previous one and indeed said he does not accept nor understand it? It remains to be seen if the former dai-yokozuna will quit his attention-seeking behavior and start on a more constructive path.

As for the two violent rikishi, what message does that send to parents who send their kids to professional sumo? “Nothing has changed. Your kid may well be beaten up if a senior doesn’t like the way he makes the chanko. There is no incentive for the seniors to keep their hands in their obi.” After Hakkaku declared that stopping violence in sumo is the top item on his agenda, I would have expected a more severe punishment.

An old Jewish saying goes: “He who is kind to the cruel ends up being cruel to the kind”.

9 thoughts on “Crime and Punishment – Board Meeting Summary

  1. I think that Takayoshitoshi’s lenient treatment stems from the fact that his oyakata was demonstrably not doing his job. If you don’t train your puppy then don’t be surprised if he starts biting people.

    • That doesn’t explain Hikarugenji…

      Kagamiyama said that Takayoshitoshi is a “rikishi with a future”. This made some Harumafuji fans really mad. He also said it’s a harsher punishment than what was given in the past for similar offenses. I still don’t buy this.

      • Considering how much Haramfuji was dragged through the mud about his incident, these punishments are definitely a “slap on the wrist”. Essentially, the only thing that will happen is that rikishi will be more circumspect when they mete out physical punishment. It’s ridiculous.

  2. Sadly punishment doesn’t adequately fit the crime- nothing strong enough to pull them up short and make them think before striking!

  3. The small punishment for Hikarugenji highlights for me just how little the top people care about violence. Particularly after the Harumafuji affair, that Hikarugenji used violence on multiple occasions seems to suggest that nothing has changed and his punishment suggests that he was punished not for being violent, but for having his violence come out into public.

  4. More like “crime and no punishment”… except for Osunaarashi, who didn’t even harm anyone! Appalling :(

      • Yup, beating up juniors is not a big a deal as lying to seniors. The sumo world is not unique in this respect.

  5. Takayoshitoshi to sandanme? Extremely unlikely. If he’s very unlucky, hell be Makushita 10 in May, and Makushita 51-52 in July. And that’s if they’re very harsh on him.


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