2018 Haru Special Prizes Announced


With the 2018 Haru Basho set to wrap up in a few short hours, the sansho selection committee has convened and announced the recipients of the special prizes this March.

Following another impressive showing this Basho, Tochinoshin has received his second consecutive Shuken-sho for Outstanding performance. Fellow Gaijin rikishi Kaisei will take home the fighting spirit Kanto-sho for his remarkable tournament, that saw him go undefeated until Day 9. Kaisei’s Day 15 opponent, Ikioi, will also receive the Kanto-sho if he can defeat the Brazillian tomorrow.

Finally, Endo, who with 9 wins coming into Senshuraku looks poised to join the San’yaku for the first time in his career come May, is the recipient of the Gino-sho technique prize.

Update: With his loss today, Ikioi has failed to qualify for his Kanto-sho special prize.

5 thoughts on “2018 Haru Special Prizes Announced

    • Agreed, although you could argue his schedule was far easier than other men who made the cut.

      I’m also surprised Yutakayama didn’t receive a mention. His sumo has really developed and he no longer resembles the hapless rikishi who bobbed in and out of Makuuchi last year.


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