Wakaichiro Wins Day 1

Wakaichiro Day 1 Haru

In his first match of Haru, Texas sumotori Wakaichiro overpowered the much larger Sakaefuji, forcing him from the ring in a flurry of thrusts. This is a far cry from the Wakaichiro of Kyushu who struggled against his Sandanme opponents. He was out matched in terms of height, reach and weight, but dismantled his opponent with skill and confidence. With the win, Wakaichiro starts Haru with a 1-0 record.

We will post video as soon as we are able to find it online.

4 thoughts on “Wakaichiro Wins Day 1

  1. I went out for brunch, got home and turned on my VPN, and it was the match after this one 😭😭😭😭 #epicfail


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