26 thoughts on “Tachiai – Shonichi Live!

    • This is all of the great stuff we miss by just getting summaries. These guys are at this all the time during the normal broadcast.

  1. Takayasu’s problem is that he has come to rely so heavily on his shoulder charge at the tachiai that it is very predictable, and when he faces an opponent who can hold their ground against it, he is at a loss as to how to recover.

    • Its a stark contrast to his sumo from 2016, where he was deliberate and more under control. I think a lot of this comes from him not having Kisenosato to train against.

      • That can only be a partial explanation, though. Surely he should be training for different tachiai tactics, even without his preferred partner?

      • That, or having a greatly weakened Kisenosato to go against taught Takayasu lazy, bad habits. Not having to use his all to win subconsciously seeped into his basho form, it seems.

    • I hope they decide to being this format forward. I think NHK executed well, and hopefully there was a good crowd of fans who actually streamed this. Thanks to all the readers who joined us.


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