Video Of Wakaichiro’s Day 1 Win

Once again a kind soul with a video camer, has come through with footage of Wakaichiro’s rather impressive win on Day 1 against Sakaefuji.

Have a watch and be amazed at the rikishi from Texas applying pressure to the big man, backing him up and then out.

2 thoughts on “Video Of Wakaichiro’s Day 1 Win

  1. Wakaichiro looking fast and aggressive against a much bigger and more experienced opponent. Upwards and onwards (lthough the amount of strapping on our lad’s right elbow looks a bit ominous).

  2. Waikachiro isn’t doing his face slaps to prepare anymore. Interesting. Also, it looks like he’s gotten “leaner and meaner”, meaning he appears to have more muscle on his body this basho. Obviously, it served him well here.


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