Tochinoshin To Compete On Day One


In spite of prior reports that he injured himself in practice, January’s yusho winner Tochinoshin is starting the Haru basho, and will compete on day 1. reported that he had injured his thigh muscles in a training session earlier, and had been taken to a hospital where he received an MRI. This now seems to have simply been precautionary, and the Georgian rikishi is ready to defend the Emperor’s cup.

With at least one, and possibly all three Yokozuna injured and sidelined this tournament, Tochinishin has a unique opportunity to use his momentum from Hatsu, his enormous strength and his drive to win to be a top contender for the Haru yusho.

6 thoughts on “Tochinoshin To Compete On Day One

  1. Friday reports say that the problem is with his left foot. I think leg and foot might be the same word (ashi) in Japanese. Just as long as it’s not the right knee…

  2. Does Tochinoshin have a chance at Ozeki promotion out of this Tourney? Or does he need three good tourney’s as a Sekiwake?


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