Yokozuna Kisenosato Kyujo


The injured Yokozuna declared today that he would not be competing in the Haru basho, due to ongoing complications related to his un-treated left pectoral injury sustained at the end of last year’s Haru basho. Kisenosato previously had declared an ultimatum for himself that he would either compete at a Yokozuna level in the next basho he entered, or he would retire. Given this condition, he was not ever a real candidate for entry.

Fans want to see Kisenosato healthy again, and worry that he is not on a path to recovery given his current level of activity. We wish him the best and urge him to seek out the best sports medicine doctors and trainers to assist his recovery.

4 thoughts on “Yokozuna Kisenosato Kyujo

  1. fully concur. needs nothing but undivided assistance for his recovery and no more rushing to compete, it’s proved time and time again to be detrimental to regaining full health

  2. It’s a wise decision to try to heal up if it’s still at all possible
    And he should kiss his japanese birth certificate daily to thank it for still being yokozuna despite this 6. kyujo

  3. I wish him well. I really do – he was the reason I started watching sumo regularly last year. But his chances of recovery are near zero. If he finds a way to win 10 bouts vs. joi and san-yaku level wrestlers around his dead pec, he is probably a sumo genius and his future deshi will all be sekitori. His heya will be the first that will need to hire outsiders as tsukebito, cooks and janitors.😉

    All I can do is hope that Takayasu or Goeido will somehow manage a rope run and take the pressure off his shoulders, so he can retire in peace and stay off camera, without being required to hem and haw his way through endless questions about his recovery.

  4. Just look at that mass of scar tissue, wow.

    (I am no doctor but) the writing’s been on the wall for ages now. I like Kisenosato, and it’s sad to watch this whole thing unfold, but he is finished. Long finished.


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