Tochinoshin Injured In Practice

Tochinoshin Hatsu Day 12

During morning practice, January’s yusho winner Tochinoshin injured his left thigh, and was taken back to Tokyo for medical treatment. He is now doubtful to participate in the Osaka tournament.

Courtesy of Herouth’s constant twitter sleuthing.

Apparently, he hurt that thigh some time during the Hatsu basho and was nursing that injury since. During practice he suddenly let out a yelp and limped out of the dohyo, having aggravated that injury. [Added by Herouth]

Update: his stablemaster declared that he is fine and ready for the basho. He is back in Osaka, but has not done keiko today – March 7th. [-Herouth]

18 thoughts on “Tochinoshin Injured In Practice

  1. This is terribly sad news, I was really looking forward to him pushing on this tourney after all his previous injury problems.

  2. Nooo!

    This is going to be a weird tournament. Maybe a glimpse of the future?

    But if the future is filled with injuries….

  3. This is terribly sad news. The promotion to sekiwake after that years-long comeback was so exciting, and now this…it’s a heartbreaking turn of events. All the best to him, whatever’s ahead. And yes, Haru is going to be a turbulent one.

  4. Oh bugger, bugger, bugger, double bugger damn blast and bugger it all to flipping heck. Worst news since my parrot got scabies. And I don’t even have a parrot.

  5. Very sad to hear…I really liked his Sumo and wanted to see how far he could go (Injuries have become the bane for this sport ) Our hopes are with Tochinoshin for him to get better soon!

  6. I am really, REALLY disappointed. Asking your opinions; What can be done to prevent injuries? I know they are inevitable, but even reducing them would be an improvement,

  7. On twitter Herouth reports possibly-mitigating info:

    ‘Mihogaseki oyakata from Kasugano beya says Tochinoshin’s condition is not too bad. Says by the time he entered the taxi he was walking normally. He returned to Tokyo “to be on the safe side”, and he “should be fine”.’

    (I tried to post a link to the tweet and it got shunted into the moderation queue.)

  8. Good to hear it is not as bad as it sounded, but still, I fear this has put a damper on his ‘zeki run!

  9. I’m hoping the positive news out of his stable is not a case of Tochinoshin gamberizing as I really want to see him to continue to perform at full strength (literally – he is do dependent on lifting people out of the dohyo with his massive power that if his thigh is bothering him that is going to seriously impact on his performance). Let’s hope he can turn up in good shape.


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