Haru 2018 Video Podcast

Delayed, but not denied – the 2018 Haru video podcast is available on YouTube.  Andy and Bruce discuss what is probably going to be a chaotic and surprising tournament, and sumo fans around the world can watch.

Does Andy really think Tochinoshin is going to repeat? Does Bruce think Takayasu will hoist the Emperor’s cup? And what happened to Yoshikaze?  Does anyone remember Hokutofuji? Can the man with no neck carry the banner for Isegahama? The world-famous highly regarded Tachiai Haru Video Podcast answers it all!

7 thoughts on “Haru 2018 Video Podcast

  1. Very cool podcast guys, thank u. Yess!! Agree fully, not only OS my Yoshikaze going to have some fun this basho but I see him mentally messing with some heads too! 💚 Ryuden I feel will have a very solid 10-11 basho, but one outside the maegashira box, being promoted J1W to J1E – my Hokkaido rikishi Kyokutaisei 💛 is gonna be pissed off so I really see him channelling that into Maegashira promotion, Kyokushuho 💙 too for that matter. 1 week to go !

    • Yes, was traveling for work today, so I have yet to post it to iTunes and all of that. Should up tomorrow. Seems also that I somehow strayed onto Grand Sumo Breakdown’s Haru podcast – so if you want to hear me spout random nonsense with them, they should have that up in the next day or so.

  2. Wow…I’ll be saving the bubbly for AFTER the podcast next time. Geez… You can almost see the hamster wheel “upstairs” come to a stop in there a few times. Yeesh! Apologies…


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