Short Jungyo Newsreel – October 8th

Today is Sunday. The Japanese media seem to be empty of news. So only a short update today.

🌐 Location: Mount Fuji

Yokozuna practice sessions

Kisenosato: sanban with Daieisho, butsukari with Onosho.

Kakuryu: sanban with Shodai again.

Harumafuji: still no on-dohyo practices. Said yesterday that he is still not past his tiredness from the Aki basho. Only dohyo-iri, no torikumi.

Torikumi of note

Kisenosato vs. Kakuryu:

Slapfest between Chiyonokuni and Takakeisho:

Takagenji vs. Daiseido:

This one mostly caught my eye because Takagenji is wearing a Makushita mawashi with an oicho-mage.

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