Jungyo Newsreel – October 7th

🌐 Location: Saitama

Kakuryu keeps his foot on the accelerator

The recovering Yokozuna engaged Shodai in san-ban to the tune of 10 wins, 0 losses.


Kakuryu entertained the audience with a variety of techniques, including his specialty morozashi and various dashinage.

“I keep testing my foot’s responsiveness as I go. I aim to increase the number of bouts gradually, as my body re-habituates”. He is a bit unhappy with the fact that his skin turns red very quickly after practice. “You can tell a rikishi who regularly practices from one who doesn’t by the way the skin reddens quickly”.

Be that as it may, he did pretty well in the musubi of the day:

Another angle:

Kisenosato skips keiko to do a dohyo-iri at a local shrine

Because of the rain, the ceremony, which, when performed in a shrine, usually takes place in its yard, was done under the eaves in front of the main hall.


This was his first of two dohyo-iri of the day, as he had to return to the venue in time for the basho and perform one there as well.

Later, before the above bout with Kakuryu, he was spotted massaging his left upper arm again. So skipping keiko may have been intentional.

Endo withdraws from Jungyo

The old ankle troubles have reasserted themselves, and he will need three weeks of rest to get it fully healed.

Unconfirmed tweet also mentioned Ikioi as absent (did not participate in the Makuuchi dohyo iri nor in the torikumi).

Harumafuji still not doing torikumi, only dohyo-iri.

3 thoughts on “Jungyo Newsreel – October 7th

  1. A healthy and firing Kakuryu is a great thing for the sport, love his style of sumo. Hope he eases himself back into action to avoid over exerting the body!


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