Promotions to Juryo

Takanosho presenting his new shikona

The new sekitori for Kyushu are Takanosho (formerly Masunosho) and (in his second trip to Juryo) Takagenji. The fact that there are only two promotions means that there will be only two demotions, almost certainly Kitaharima and Kizenryu. Tachiai favorite Yago should have another go-round in Juryo!

2 thoughts on “Promotions to Juryo

  1. I really thought that Yago was down and out of juryo when he went 1-5, but he recovered well and deserves another shot. I counted 32 (non-consecutive) tournaments for Masunosho in makushita so the kid (still only 22) has certainly earned his chance. And just look at that smile.

  2. Poor Kizenryu, that match when he went down injured was hard to watch.

    Always happy to see a kid get a sparkly new name. I still call Yamaguchi “the figure skater” for not having a cool shikona.


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