Wakaichiro’s Last Aki Match – Day 13


With his kachi-koshi complete, Wakaichiro returns to the Aki dohyo on day 13 for his last match of the basho. He will be facing Jonidan 7 Wakasenryu, of the Nishonoseki heya. Both rikishi are roughly matched in size, with Wakasenryu being 20kg heavier. Wakasenryu is an experienced rikishi, whose career spans 26 tournaments, 7 of which were spent in the next higher division, Sandanme. Once again, Wakaichiro will be facing an opponent with higher division experience in a test of how he will do in the November basho in Kyushu.

Should Wakaichiro prevail in this match, it will increase the rank that he enters Sandanme, but a loss will not likely prevent his promotion to the lower end of the next division.

As with all of Wakaichiro’s matches, we will bring you news of the finish, and video of when we can find it.

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