Aki State of Play—Day 12

The yusho race got a little more interesting after Goeido’s loss to Shohozan. Goeido still leads by 2 with 3 bouts remaining, but there are now 10 (!!) rikishi in the runner-up group. Chance alone strongly suggests that at least one member of that group goes undefeated and finishes 11-4, so Goeido probably can’t afford two losses if he wants to avoid a playoff. He fights Harumafuji on senshuraku, and if he drops one of his other 2 remaining bouts, it could be with the yusho on the line. Goeido fights Takakeisho tomorrow, and a player to be named later on day 14. Going by rank, this should be Ichinojo, but the schedulers could make things more interesting by pulling up someone like Takanoiwa or Arawashi.

The San’yaku battle got clarified slightly, but many possibilities remain. We now know for sure that Yoshikaze will remain at sekiwake, where he will be joined by Terunofuji. Mitakeumi won today, but still needs to go 2-1 to defend his sekiwake rank, and 1-2 to stay in San’yaku. He faces Ichinojo, Yoshikaze, and Harumafuji. Both Tamawashi and Tochiozan are 5-7 and need to win out to stay at komusubi. Tamawashi gets the resurgent Aoiyama tomorrow, while Tochiozan fights the floundering KagayakiKotoshogiku has taken the lead in the San’yaku promotion race, with Onosho and Chiyotairyu in pursuit.

The Juryo demotion picture got quite a bit clearer. Sadanoumi and Tokushoryu cemented their fall out of Makuuchi with losses, and will be joined by Yutakayama. Ishiura won but remains on the bubble, needing two more wins to secure a stay in the top division. Okinoumi and Nishikigi each still need one more win to be safe, while Takekaze’s win has removed him from any danger of demotion. Currently, Aminishiki, Kotoyuki, and Myogiryu are in the lead for promotion, although Myogiryu still needs 2 more wins to pick up his kachi-koshi and have a shot at returning to Makuuchi. The promotion bubble consists of Daiamami, Ryuden, and Homarefuji.

3 thoughts on “Aki State of Play—Day 12

    • I’ll pulling for Aminishiki and Ryuden, but the latter might still be a little too unreliable to finally get out of Juryo. Maybe up to J1 or 2 finally.

      I hope Ichinojo can fight back to get Kachi-koshi, but that might be tough with them throwing him up again the Sanyaku now. Poor kiddo.

      Though the kids I’m cheering on is the littlest Fujis down in Jonokuchi. Nobori and Tatsuno still have a chance to go 4-3. Torakio is looking much stronger too, and he’s fighting the W1 Fukuazuma today.


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