Nagoya—who’s fighting for what with 3 days to go

Hakuho: yusho or bust.

Harumafuji: Yokozuna pride; on the outskirts of the yusho race with 3 losses.

Goeido: to avoid kadoban status, needs a win against a lineup of Harumafuji, Hakuho, and Takayasu.

Takayasu: Ozeki pride; to get his double-digit wins, needs 2 out of 3 against Hakuho, Harumafuji, and a likely highly motivated Goeido.

Tamawashi: Ozeki run is over before it really got going; still needs 2 wins to continue his extended stay at Sekiwake, and a bad finish could even drop him out of San’yaku altogether.

Mitakeumi: needs to win 2 out of 3 to get Ozeki run going.

Yoshikaze: Probably guarantees a Sekiwake slot by winning out; could claim one anyway if Tamawashi falters.

Kotoshogiku: last-ditch effort to defend Komusubi rank by winning out.

Tochinoshin: still on track for M1 and can challenge for a Komusubi slot, but needs wins and won’t have an easy schedule.

Hokutofuji: needs two wins to get his kachi koshi and stay in the joi. Still has to face Tamawashi and likely Kotoshogiku and Shodai.

Ura: kachi koshi looking increasingly hard, sadly.

Tochiozan: now in the driver’s seat for a Komusubi slot.

Onosho: will be in the joi; can challenge for a Komusubi slot.

Aoiyama: will be in the joi; can challenge for a Komusubi slot. Amazingly, still only one win behind in the yusho race; will he get some real opponents on days 14 and 15 if he defeats Kagayaki tomorrow?

Ichinojo and Chiyotairyu are on the outskirts of joining the joi for Aki.

Kotoyuki and Gagamaru are Juryo-bound. Kaisei will be back in Makuuchi. Yutakayama and Asanoyama are trying to join him, and Myogiryu is right behind them. How many slots for promotion will open up? Tokushoryu, Sokokurai, and Nishikigi are on the bubble.

4 thoughts on “Nagoya—who’s fighting for what with 3 days to go

  1. Goeido is in real trouble. I don’t like his chances against Hakuho, so it’s down to (most likely) his Takayasu match on the final day.

    Can an injured Ura play spoiler to Ojisan Kotoshogiku’s long shot to cling to San’yaku?

  2. The juryo yusho race has become rather ordinary again considering what was thought possible last Sunday when we had leaders on 8-0 and 7-1…

    • Indeed. And they could miss out on promotion as a result. Regression to the mean is a harsh mistress ;-)


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