Wakaichiro Finishes Nagoya On Day 13


American sumotori Wakaichiro will finish his Nagoya basho matches on day 13 when he faces Jonidan 24w Takiguchi. Takiguchi, from Takiguchi heya, matches Wakaichiro in height but betters him in weight. Takiguchi has been in Jonidan for most of his 3 years in professional sumo, with a brief turn as high as Sandanme.

The winner of this bout secures kachi-koshi and promotion, the loser make-koshi and demotion for the Aki basho in September. As your favorite Jonidan rikishi, Tachiai has all of our hopes and best wishes behind the young man from Texas.

We will bring you results as soon as they are posted, and video as soon as we can find it on Youtube.

Go Texas Sumo!

9 thoughts on “Wakaichiro Finishes Nagoya On Day 13

  1. I was very fortunate to attend morning training at the nagoya heya today. I realise that Basho training is different to non-Basho times, but I have to say it was the most intense of all the heyas I have been to so far. No one was standing around doing nothing for the whole time, and they were also doing a couple of exercises I had not seen at the other trainings.

    I am currently sitting in front of the dohyo waiting for proceedings to start, so bar me needing to make an emergency trip to the bathroom, I should be able to let you know how he goes.

  2. He should be up near the top of Jonidan (around J4) in Aki, and another kachi-koshi would see him in sandame for the following basho.


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