Nagoya Day 12 Highlights

Before Anyone Gets Fussy, Yes, This Is Ozeki Kaio

Hakuho Ties Kaio’s Record

There was a lot of great sumo action today from Nagoya, but the big news is that after a one day setback, the Hakuho win streak has resumed. He picked up his 1047th win today, tying the record held by great Ozeki Kaio, who was present to see this milestone.


There are already so many superlatives attached to Hakuho’s career, and with his recent surgery and recuperation effort, we may see him continue to be a dominant force in sumo for several more years to come. Below are a few of the sumo records that have Hakuho’s name beside them:

  • 38 Yusho
  • 13 Zensho Yusho
  • 7 Consecutive Yusho
  • 950 Makuuchi Wins
  • 86 Wins In A Single Year

That being said, there is another record Hakuho is likely to break some time next year, as long as he continues to be healthy: The most tournaments as a Yokozuna, which is currently held by 80’s era great Kitanoumi, and stands at 63.

Highlight Matches

Chiyonokuni defeats Kotoyuki – This was a monster of a match, which saw Chiyonokuni somehow escape Kotoyuki’s force out via a very Ura like maneuver. Sadly it seems that the marginally injured Kotoyuki may have suffered further damage in the match, and was both slow to get up and limping badly. Kotoyuki is clearly headed back to Juryo, so hopefully he will be able to recover.

Shohozan defeats Gagamaru – Also on the fast track back to Juryo is Gagamaru, who has had a miserable basho, and just can’t seem to really bring much energy to his sumo right now. Gagamaru is a beloved public figure in Japan, and I dearly hope that whatever injury is holding him back, he can overcome it by September.

Aoiyama defeats Takarafuji – Aoiyama is not fooling around this time, he is really pushing hard for any san’yaku slot that might show up. Believe it or not, he is still a yusho contender. Much respect to the man-mountain from Bulgaria who has really applied himself this basho.

Ishiura defeats Nishikigi – I am still hoping that Nishikigi can survive in Makuuchi, but Ishiura continues to improve over his lack luster week 1 performance. Ishiura survived multiple throw attempts and was able to force Nishikigi.

Takekaze defeats Daieisho – Takekaze picks up his kachi-koshi with a fairly straightforward hatakikomi. Daieisho is now make-koshi but will be back in Makuuchi for September.

Chiyotairyu defeats Onosho – Chiyotairyu also locks down his kachi-koshi in a really straightforward win over Onosho. Onosho this was one of Onosho least impressive bouts of Nagoya, so hopefully he is back in form tomorrow. I am sure he is within range of a special prize now, if he can pick up a 10th win.

Ichinojo defeats Ura – Wow, we finally get to see Ichinojo move with vigor and purpose. It was actually rather impressive. But it’s also clear that Ura is hurt, and seems to have been hurt more in this match. But Ichinojo really put in the effort to win this one. Great match that I hope they show in the NHK highlight reel.

Yoshikaze defeats Tochinoshin – A brutal match that saw Tochinoshin pounding Yoshikaze with relentless furor. Yoshikaze kept working past the blows and focused on getting inside and taking control of the big Georgain, which after a while he did. Second later Yoshikaze pushed out his opponent, and picked up a hard earned kachi-koshi.

Kotoshogiku defeats Shodai – Kotoshogiku prevails and keeps hopes that he can cling to Komusubi alive. Shodai’s high tachiai is an open invitation to Kotoshogiku to take control and push Shodai around the dohyo.

Tochiozan defeats Takayasu – Tochiozan owned this match from start to finish. Takayasu looked vague and uncoordinated, and Tochiozan flopped him around the dohyo for a time, then pushed him out from behind. One of Takayasu’s worst bouts in recent memory.

Hakuho defeats Tamawashi – Claiming his 1047th career win, Hakuho engaged in a brutal slug fest with Tamawashi. I am sure some of those face blows echoed in the arena, as it looked like The Boss was making up for whatever was lacking in his day 11 loss.

Harumafuji defeats Mitakeumi – Very straightforward Harumafuji win today, Mitakeumi did not repeat his magic of day 11, and the match ended by yorikiri.

6 thoughts on “Nagoya Day 12 Highlights

  1. Chiyonokuni’s escape was insane. My favorite kind of match–by the time I’m shouting that he’s almost got him, he’s losing, and by the time I can say he’s lost, he’s won. Maybe “give up your back” will become a new winning technique in sumo?

    I can’t for the life of me understand why Tochinoshin picked that strategy. Surely he wins a belt contest? I thought his strikes looked pretty weak, honestly. Weird choice by him.

    And is it just me, or did Takayasu make a similar choice? It looked a lot like he thought he wasn’t as strong as Tochiozan. Either he’s in his head or he really is stronger; Takayasu’s record is terrible against him.

    Hakuho came out like a tiger. Mad at himself for yesterday?

    • There have been quite a few poor strategic choices this basho. I guess there’s some game-theory element of not being too predictable, but still…do what you’re good at.

  2. Takayasu looks like he didn’t sleep much the night before. Even his pre-bout was slow and unenthusiastic. A whole bout of misjudgements there.

    Poor Tamawashi. I think those two final slaps before the push out were like being hit by iron bars.

    Mooby Dick is still keeping it up. But frankly, I think he doesn’t have the appropriate muscle/fat ratio for the high ranks. He’s doing well because he was safely fighting maegashira the entire basho. If he does get into the sanyaku, it will be as short and as painful a visit as just advancing to maegashira #1.

    Ura is badly battered. None of his glitter was witnessed in today’s bout. I don’t see a kachi-koshi in his near future. Too bad, as I think they won’t give the fighting spirit award to a wrestler with a make-koshi, and he certainly deserves one.

    • Yeah, I wonder if Ura can pull out a kachi-koshi at this point. In my pre-basho Genki Report, I assumed that there would be enough people drop out that he would face some of the Yokozuna / Ozeki corps, but I did not expect him to get a full tour / beat down. It’s clear that his right foot is injured, and I think he torqued up a knee today, too.

      As long as he can stay mostly healthy, Ura will be back regardless.

      • The “staying mostly healthy” part will be the issue, IMO. On most days his sumo looks like a hospital visit waiting to happen. (Sometimes for his opponents as well, which has already drawn criticism.)

  3. It is better for Hakuho’s opponents when the Boss is happy and smiling. Better to be given a mini Henka sodestep, rather than be given a huge beating

    Cant believe Tochinoshin tried to tsupari his way to Yoshikaze. The berserker is the best at berserking you know

    For me, it looks like ura dominated ichinojo for the better first half of the fight


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