Kakuryu Dropped Another One

Oki-Earthquake-noumi is shaking things up early in sanyaku. Yesterday, he took out Kisenosato before the ozeki could even begin to make a charge for a yusho. Today, he threw yokozuna Kakuryu to his second straight defeat, likely dashing the Mongolian’s own yusho hopes. Okinoumi has started strong before from the top-maegashira slot, only to let the grind wear him down. In January of 2014, he started 2-0, but finished 7-8 after winning only 1 of the next 7 bouts. Recently, however, he’s performed quite poorly during the first week if ranked this high.

I’m glad to see Harumafuji won against Yoshikaze. I hope to catch the replay when I get home from work this afternoon. All Ozeki won. I’ll have more updates later, after I get home and have a chance to watch the action.

3 thoughts on “Kakuryu Dropped Another One

  1. Also of note – this Takanoiwa fellow seems to be on fire. The Kadoban twins seem to have found their Sumo skills and are battling like their ranks depend on it!

  2. I would also ask – is that Darth Vader choke hold the new Harumafuji trademark? I wonder how long it’s going to be (if ever) before the shimpan decide to discuss it with him.

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