Aki Basho – Day 2 Returns To Form


Harumafuji survives Yoshikaze, Kadoban Twins Rediscover Sumo Skills

After a wild ride on day 1, the September tournament returned to a more expected form on the second day. There were fewer losses in the san’yaku ranks, but there was plenty of great sumo action. Some stats on who is emerging as early leaders. Keep in mind, this is still a wide open tournament, and we won’t have a clear idea of who is winning and who is struggling to hang on until the weekend.

Notable Rikishi With No Losses By Day 2

Harumafuji – The Nagoya champ is looking strong. He had another street fight with Yoshikaze today, but won this time.
Goeido – This is the Goeido that should show up, he is fighting hard and winning
Kotoshogiku – The other kadoban twin (with Goeido) is pushing hard to remain Ozeki. I like this one better
Okinoumi – What on earth happened to this guy? I fear on day 12 they are going to peel back some rubber suit to real some robo-Hakuho underneath. Seriously, this guy is looking very strong
Takanoiwa – The Sumo ranking mathematicians put him at Maegashira 3 to see if he would survive. Interestingly enough he seems to be thriving. Starting to think he is one to watch.
Mitakeumi – Former college sumo champ, he has recovered a bit from his poor performance at Nagoya.

Notable Rikishi With No Wins By Day 2

Kakuryu – At the moment he is not showing us Yokozuna level performance. I have to wonder if he is going to consider retirement
Takarafuji – Maybe he has had some unlucky match ups, maybe he is hurt. He is once again proving that Sekiwake is a tough rank
Kaisei – The burly Brazilian had to endure Harumafuji’s choke hold day one, and was possibly distracted by Terunofuji’s owl head trick. I continue to think his performance is going down as his weight is going up.
Tochinoshin – I really like him, but he needs to work on his grip. Please get back in your grove, I want to see you win.
Shodai – He has had a tough early schedule for a Maegashira 2, hopefully he can settle down and get back to his normal form.


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