Softbank Brings Team Japan to America’s Cup

Recreational sailing is very popular in the US. Many other people use motor boats for waterskiing. In Japan, however, 「ヨット」 seems inaccessible, sport for the rich. It’s surprising because, as an island, Japan seems an ideal location. Shimantogawa7In 116 years of Olympic competition, Japan has won a total of 2 medals – fewer than the great sea-faring nations of Poland, Austria, and Switzerland.
That said, I did see this boat sailing in Shimantogawa when I was in Kochi.  And don’t get me wrong, there’s a ton of commercial boating but there does not seem to be much recreational. So, I’m very happy that Softbank is helping field Team Japan to compete for the America’s Cup in 2017. With naval heroes like Katsu Kaishu, I would hope it would start to take off.


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