Wakanosato Misquoted By Yahoo! Japan

Unfortunately in the American press, headlines are deliberately misleading in order to get attention and stir up controversy. I think this case shows Yahoo! Japan resorts to the same tactics. The headline says that, “without hesitation, former Wakanosato said Takanohana was the strongest Yokozuna.” The statement deliberately tries to create a controversy by implying a comparison with other yokozuna, past and present. However, reading the whole article and getting more context, we see that is not what he meant at all. In fact, he says that the quality of the athletes continues to improve.

In all, this WAS going to be a post about a has-been athlete making a provocative statement attacking present-day champions in order to get attention… But that’s not the case at all, at least by my reading. Instead this is a case of Yahoo! Japan making up a bad, clickbait headline.

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