Terunofuji Should Be Kyujo

Why would he or his management risk further injury by having Terunofuji fight today? He got his kachi-koshi so he’s secured his ozeki rank for not only next tournament, but the tournament following. He should sit this tournament out AND THE NEXT ONE to recover. Yes, he’ll go kadoban – but so what? It’s better to elect to go kadoban and put yourself in a position to WIN YUSHO than to struggle against GOEIDO. Spoiler: Terunofuji was just beaten by Goeido, badly. He was basically walked to the edge and out. WTF is he doing on the dohyo while injured?

春場所2016: Hakuho Leads. Of Course.

The door is rapidly closing on Kisenosato’s yusho hopes. Harumafuji fought well and when the ozeki charged, Harumafuji pushed him down while retreating for the hatakikomi slap down. In the preceding bout, Hakuho chased Goeido into the crowd. I can’t blame Goeido on that one; I’d have run away, too. Hakuho has been vicious. Not a good sign for the resurgent Myogiryu if he should be in real contention down the line.

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Flashback: Sept. 2012

Tomorrow, we’ll have our first yokozuna show-down as Hakuho will face Kakuryu. Kisenosato will have a much easier time of it with Aoiyama, who’s facing makekoshi. Goeido will face Terunofuji…if Terunofuji isn’t kyujo. Y’all know what I think of injured wrestlers fighting. I’d much rather see them take the time to recover fully, go down to Juryo and whoop ass like Osunaarashi who’s 2 clear of Nishikigi for that yusho race.

Hakuho, Kisenosato, and Goeido Lead; Myogiryu One Back

Kisenosato was quickly ousted by Hakuho who’s looking like the good ‘ole Hak. He backed the 177 kg ozeki straight to the bales on the tachiai and then tipped him to the side as Kisenosato tried in vain to stay in.

Goeido is in this as he bowled over Harumafuji. Ikioi picked up his kachi-koshi against Ichinojo while Kaisei got his at the expense of Mitakeumi.

Meanwhile, Osunaarashi is still cleaning up in Juryo. He bounced back nicely after his one loss yesterday to utterly trash Chiyoo. Chiyoo had no hope. Endo was also pretty quick in his win over former makuuchi rikishi Seiro.

Satoyama Fells Gagamaru

Satoyama is about as large as Gagamaru’s right leg. He held on to that leg for all he’s worth and managed to topple the man-mountain.

Kisenosato keeps plugging away. Kakuryu had him on the ropes but with the yusho hopes on the line, the ozeki’s pirouette tipped the yokozuna over the side. His bout with Hakuho tomorrow could be the most important of his career. It will stand to either put him clear of all but Goeido, or potentially a 3-way tie with more waiting in the wings.