Terunofuji Should Be Kyujo

Why would he or his management risk further injury by having Terunofuji fight today? He got his kachi-koshi so he’s secured his ozeki rank for not only next tournament, but the tournament following. He should sit this tournament out AND THE NEXT ONE to recover. Yes, he’ll go kadoban – but so what? It’s better to elect to go kadoban and put yourself in a position to WIN YUSHO than to struggle against GOEIDO. Spoiler: Terunofuji was just beaten by Goeido, badly. He was basically walked to the edge and out. WTF is he doing on the dohyo while injured?

2 thoughts on “Terunofuji Should Be Kyujo

    • Agreed. It was painful to watch Endo when he should have been sitting out but it will be worse with Terunofuji because the importance of a winning record may hurt the integrity of the sport if any wins are perceived to be illegitimate.


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