Kisenosato On Top

Could it happen? 10 years without a Japanese yusho and then two in a row by two different rikishi?

What must be said is Ikioi put in a fantastic effort but Kisenosato really had control during the entire bout. The ozeki maintained superior position, continuously pressing Ikioi to the defensive at the edge of the ring. Ikioi did fight back well but Kisenosato wore him down and Ikioi stepped out. Kisenosato is thus the first rikishi with his kachi-koshi this tournament and will face Kotoshogiku tomorrow.

In Juryo, Osunaarashi took Endo’s head off at the tachiai and Endo never had an answer to the Egyptian’s aggressiveness. Once the sandstorm had a solid belt grip with his right hand, he flipped Endo onto his butt.


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