Fall Tournament 2015, Day 13: Kakuryu Closes Gap

Our leadership field doubled overnight. Terunofuji’s loss to Kisenosato opens up the tournament, building drama for the climactic final weekend – if Terunofuji is not injured. His knee seemed to give way when he tried to tip Kisenosato over in a close, back-and-forth bout.

Screenshot (124)

He was able to get up quickly and walk away so I’m hopeful he’ll be close to 100% tomorrow when he faces a desperate Goeido, who needs a win to avoid going kadoban. Terunofuji still leads but shares that lead now with Kakuryu. Kakuryu obliterated an over-zealous Goeido today. Kakuryu will face Kisenosato tomorrow. Kisenosato has the edge in their rivalry, with three straight victories over the junior-zuna.

As for Ikioi, he’s still clinging to his spot one win off pace after a good effort against Tochinoshin. Ikioi put up a serious challenge on the belt which was pretty outstanding given his poor performance in the last tournament. Tochinoshin is no slouch. Ikioi fended off well and had a few chances himself but Tochinoshin wore him down, backed him to the edge, and shoved him off the dohyo.

Regardless, Terunofuji will battle Kakuryu on Sunday, the final day of the tournament, with the yusho on the line. Kisenosato will, in turn, face Goeido on the final day. I do not know who Ikioi will face on Sunday but Kotoshogiku will likely put him out of contention tomorrow. I’m hopeful of a big playoff, with Kisenosato winning tomorrow and Sunday, and Kakuryu defeating Terunofuji after Terunofuji forces Goeido to go kadoban.

Homarenishiki suffered his first loss this tournament to an impressive Kurosawa, who picks up the Jonokuchi yusho.


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